This is an investment that we often recommend, and one that continues to grow, as the level of security is of a high standard in the current economic climate.

Many countries ensure very low taxation in order to favor a job-creating sector, and are far from protecting bad payers and their degradations.

Katleya offers individuals access to real estate assets that are geographically and sectorally distributed throughout the world.

Returns in terms of taxes, rents and capital gains can be significant, whether in the holding of city-center parking lots, commercial spaces, rented apartments and houses, or in the hotel sector.

Of course, real estate, like any investment, can go down. The main risk factors are price changes in the real estate markets themselves, and currency fluctuations.

But the worldwide geographic diversification that holding companies offer is interesting, with all these real estate acquisitions spread across the United States, Europe and Asia, the idea being to be able to combine all these geographic locations in a single investment.


It should be noted that international real estate is by nature risky. Fluctuations can be significant, as any real estate market can go up or down, and this never excludes the possibility of capital losses. And by nature, no guarantee can be offered. In particular, past performance is no guarantee of future results.



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